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Cleaning and care for Tungsten Carbide Rings is very simple because it will hold its radiant shine forever. However it can accumulate fingerprints and maybe smudges.

Get yourself a soft cloth or jewelry polish cloth, which will take care of the annoying prints and smudges.
The ring could be cleaned under gently flowing warm water. Use a clean cotton cloth to dry off the ring carefully, and you can return it to pride of place on your finger of choice.


What to do if a tungsten ring is stuck on your finger?
Now what if that beautiful piece of tungsten artistry gets stuck on your finger?
Easy! Use ice to reduce that size of your finger.  Most of the time simply soaking your hand for about a minute will do the trick and the ring will slide off.

You could also try a lubricant of some kind. Liquid soap or petroleum jelly work rather well.  
Apply a generous amount to the knuckle area than hold the tungsten ring with a dry cloth and ease it off with a back and forth rocking motion.

Clean the ring and all is grand!



The third gold in addition to gold and platinum, tungsten jewelry suddenly burst into fashion focus and drew praise. The international jewelry giant gave it full praise at the annual meeting of the famous Las Vegas jewelry exhibition.


Derived from the precious rare earth mine, Tungsten is the so-called ‘diamond’ of metal as it has a diamond hard texture with the burned look of jewels. Therefore the value of the material can be compared with diamond in the fashion world. Tungsten has an excellent surface gloss and never fades.


Tungsten gold material feels amazing. It’s flashy, and a comfortable fit. It promises not to fade. It is non allergic, corrosion resistant, and can be worn in water.

Tungsten jewelry is more durable than gold, platinum, and titanium. It keeps its luster forever and has the characteristics of the mysterious color and light of gems. It is exalted, steady, elegant and contracted.

Tungsten jewelry can rival with diamond characteristics as it never wears, never fades, and never deforms.

Due to its super strong and valuable attributes, it should be the first of your choice for a perfect gift for that special someone.